Vantage Partners, LLC (VPL) is an 8(a) Joint Venture (JV) formed by managing partner Vantage Systems, Inc. (VSI) and Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc. (SGT). 

VSI is a leader in multidiscipline engineering and information technology (IT) services and provides a host of innovative solutions in systems, software, mechanical, electrical, and thermal engineering; spacecraft development; integration & test, mission operations; and ground and launch systems support.

SGT’s core competencies in scientific analysis and research, IT, engineering, program management, and technical services lay the foundation to provide relevant support to NASA engineering and science missions and instruments.

VSI and SGT began developing our mentor-protégé relationship in October 2010.  As part of the JV agreement, SGT will augment VSI’s existing capabilities with resources, expertise, corporate policies, plans, and procedures to ensure low-risk, high-quality performance. VSI and SGT have an established, mature, and on-going business relationship that enables us to combine our considerable, individual strengths to provide high-value, low-risk solutions.  Our experience demonstrates that we apply the best resources to every task in an integrated team environment.