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May 12, 2015

GRC Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year

Vanatage Partners is pleased to announce its selection as the Glenn Research Center's Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for FY 2014.  

When asked why Vantage Partners won this award, President and CEO Joe Polk replied,

"VPL is honored to win this award. We attribute our success to the following:

  • Effective leadership and employee commitment to customer and corporate goals.
  • Outstanding schedule and cost performance:
    • Technical work is always on schedule, ensuring that program milestones are met.
    • We achieved significant cost savings; we realized $2 million for the fiscal year.
    • Our documented contract underrun was 1 to 2 percent.
  • Effective reporting and communications: contract 533s and supplemental reports are always complete and on time (often early).
  • Responsiveness and cooperation.
  • Innovative solutions:
    • VPL’s culture drives us to work continuously to implement efficient and innovative solutions.
    • We coauthored Ohio’s first-ever space plan."


For more information, click on this link to the Small Business Office Program's website: